Monday, June 16, 2014

Macon-Bibb "The Good and The Bad"

During a recent visit to our downtown I observed the lovely restoration of the brickwork that has been completed on the Auditorium.  This structure was constructed in 1925.  I was not there for the construction; however I have memories of the restoration of the interior that was completed in the 1980s.

I am posting two pictures today to show the exterior renovation.  The detail in the brick is wonderful.  The flower beds near the sidewalks need attention.  Of course I am not suggesting that anything be completed now during the heat of the Summer; however I am suggesting that plans be formulated so that the actual plantings can be completed during a more appropriate season.

 This potential flower bed is perfect for an abundance of low growing plants which would certainly enhance the whole environment surrounding the Auditorium.  If my observation is correct there is water valves available for a sprinkler system to keep the plants well watered.

I realize that 2025 is eleven years from now; but between the Auditorium's 100 year anniversary and and the current time a spot of beauty at the Auditorium would be appreciated by all who visit our Beautiful Macon-Bibb.
This is a view from the Cherry Street Side and certainly is a great site for group photos.  

I post this Blog entry to share my thoughts on good things and things that need improvement.  Have a wonderful day and go explore Macon-Bibb and let your duly elected officials know of your suggestions of what needs to be improved.  Of course, also let them know of the good that is currently happening.

Have A Great Day In Macon-Bibb!!!!

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