Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Flower Child's Letter
I am confident that you have recently heard our President ask us all to contact our duly elected leaders to help the U. S. A. recover from the current economic crisis and help develop "jobs" here in our Country.

Today I am publishing the following letter to my President, my Senators from Georgia and my Congressman from the 8th District of Georgia. 

I do this as requested by our President which I heard during his recent trip through the Great Upper Midwest.  The message I sent is in black.

August 17, 2011

Dear Mr. President,

Please note that I will also send this to my two Georgia Senators and the Congressman from Georgia’s Eighth District where I reside.

Your recent comments during your tour through Iowa have encouraged me to contact my duly elected Senators and my Congressman.

I also am taking the liberty to communicate with you.

Your stop at Rausch’s Café in Guttenberg, Iowa yesterday, August 16, 2011 certainly caused a lot of excitement. The media was not present because they were positioned in Peosta. That is where you were scheduled to speak. I trust that you enjoyed your breakfast at Rausch’s. My Brother and I have frequently enjoyed our breakfast there and also the company of many retired Farmers.

As you know, Iowa is the Bread Basket of the Nation. Iowa has 25% of the Grade A farmland in the U. S. A.

Iowa produces food products at a level that no State in the U. S. A. can equal.

Yet I have heard allegations that our Nation’s Transportation Department is considering the establishment of regulations/rules that would require all “Farm Tractors and Self Propelled Implements” to be considered “Commercial” which would require that Farmers meet a whole host of rules and regulations that are currently effective for operators/owners of freight companies down to individual Truck Owner/Operators.  I am confident that you can appreciate the fact that this would cause the cost of production to raise.  After all, no one can maintain logs and comply with a host of regulations without incurring an additional expense.

I simply cannot comprehend how You as our President can even consider approving such a move. Our Nation’s Farmers produce great abundance, which is, used both here in the U. S. A. and abroad. Even China is now being blamed for the high cost of food because they are competing for our foodstuffs. I recently saw this on the evening news during a CBS broadcast.

I would suggest that You, as our President, who has openly stated that we need to grow our economy to have our Department of Transportation (DOT) to cease this reported folly. Our Nation’s Farmers do not need more regulation such as the DOT. I suspect that the only jobs this folly will produce will be the employment of rule makers/enforcers, which will simply add to the cost of government. Now, regarding the cost of government, you and I know that our government already cost too much. There is really no need to establish rules/regulations to raise the cost of government.

I would humbly suggest that You and Our Nation’s Duly elected leaders focus on what will improve the lot of each and every American Citizen.

Thank You!!! Together We Can Keep the U.S.A. a World Class Country!!!

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