Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Marketing in Macon, Georgia

During a recent trip to visit my Son in Saint Louis, Missouri I had the opportunity to accompany him to an ALDI Food Market.  I was shocked when I ascertained the low prices.  He was preparing for a Family Cookout and obtained a lot of stuff at about half the price of a normal Food Store.

I had heard that there was an ALDI Food Market in Macon, Georgia; but I have never shopped there.  Today My Bride and I did our Marketing at the ALDI at 4501 Log Cabin Drive which is just North of Eisenhower Parkway.  Again, I was impressed with the quantity of food items they carried and how few dollars we expended to purchase a whole buggy of groceries. 

I understand that there are about 1000 ALDI Food Markets in the U. S. A. at this time and that this Chain commenced operation in 1976.  The over 1400 items carried at an ALDI are very adequate and certainly reflect on the mantra of the Market, "honest to goodness savings."

We just enjoyed a delightful "Dinner" using items that we purchased at the ALDI Food Market and the food was fine.  I am confident that I will continue to use this Market for food items. 

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Norma said...

There is an Aldi's in Prairie, too.