Monday, August 29, 2011

The Garnavillo, Iowa

Fourth of July Parade


 The Senior Queen from Macon, Georgia Participated
 The Senior Queen, Cherry Blossom Festival
waves to the crowd which was estimated to be
about 5000
 This is the float from the Church I attended as a Young
Citizen of Guttenberg, Iowa

 The Garnavillo Boosters
This group produces the Annual Parade

Quite the Fire Department for a town of 700 people.  Of course these Volunteers also serve the surrounding Country Side.

Each town in Clayton County has their own Volunteer Fire Department and each department prides itself with having the best equipment that they can afford.  Often is is gently pre-owned equipment from larger cities which the volunteers rehab.

I hope that you have enjoyed these two entries about the annual Parade in Garnavillo, Iowa.  This is America at it's very best.

Thank You!!!

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