Saturday, August 06, 2011

Jefferson Six Scholars
Spring Picnic

I realize that the title of this Blog is "The World This Week."  I am also aware that the picture that is the feature of this Post was probably taken in the Spring of 1949 or 1950 as the Scholars and the Teacher celebrated Spring at the Annual Picnic.

The children of two families attended Jefferson Number 6 in Clayton County Iowa.  The one room country school was on the corner of my Parents Farm so we walked to and from school every day.

The one room county schools were closed down in the early 1950s and we then rode the bus to school in Guttenberg, Iowa and later to the Consolidated School in Garnavillo, Iowa.

My siblings and I are as follows, from left to right:

2nd - Sister Vivian
4th - Brother David
6th - Sister Thelma
8th - Alan "The Flower Child" who originates this Blog.  You could say I was the Teacher's Pet.

9th - Teacher - Sula Schroeder

My classmate, Louis Tuecke is the fifth from the Left.  We were the oldest students at Jefferson Number Six during the final two or three years of this one room country School.

Yes, this is not a current event; but one does recall the past; which is also appropriate.

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