Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter 2012
As I concluded my Holy Week Readings this morning I was impressed with the fact that so many are writing about the importance of Easter versus the Christmas Holiday.

Of course, without the Birth of Jesus Christ there would be no need for Easter Celebrations.

After my readings I gave some thought to how we as a Society view the Christian Holiday of Easter as well as the Christian aspects of Christmas.

First of all, I have yet to meet any of my ancestors who are still in life. They have all perished.  They were all buried in two different Cemeteries in Clayton County Iowa.   At my advanced age meeting my ancestors alive would be almost impossible.  I say this simply because as I prepare to Celebrate Easter Sunday and the resurrection of my Savior I am glad that I have the resources available to me look forward to Eternal Life in Heaven.

Yet, I remain amazed of how many of my peers and some even younger than I do not avail themselves to the resources available to also be able to look forward to Eternal Life in Heaven.

Many of these people would never think of missing a meal and most participate in the weekly marketing adventures to various food stores so that they can sustain their earthly, yet very temporary life/lives.  

Some even have weekly and monthly visits to their medical professionals to insure that they remain as healthy as possible.  

Yet they often overlook the opportunities to participate in Christian Activities that will possibly allow them to enjoy and yes even look forward to Eternal Life in Heaven.  

We all know that Jesus Christ came to earth to save us all; however we are also aware that we have been instructed to participate in the means of grace.  In fact Jesus Christ commanded us to do so.  Additionally, everyone in this life is burdened with the ugly word we know as "sin."  To eliminate the punishment for our "sins" we must believe in Jesus Christ.  There is no way we can earn this "Eternal Life in Heaven," however I am confident that by believing in Jesus Christ and participating in the means of grace I can be assured that I will also receive "Eternal Life in Heaven."

In summary, I would suggest that everyone on earth should be as committed to the long term goal of "Eternal Life in Heaven" as they seek the short term goal/s of sustaining this life here on earth.

I do not publish this Blog today to decry the medical profession or the vendors of fine food.  I enjoy the benefits of having a good Doctor and the medical care resources available to me as well as the fine food/dining pleasure that my resources allow me to enjoy here in the United States of America.

I simply desire to remind my readers here that this temporary life should be a short term goal; but that the "Best Is Yet To Come."  I am looking forward to the Gift from God, Eternal Life in Heaven.  

In short, please maintain the "Big Picture for Your Life" as you plan your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities.  What are the priorities that are most essential" is a question that we need to each ask ourselves.

May You and Your Family Have A Blessed Easter Celebration.  As Jesus told us:  "This Do In Rememberance if Me" as He established the Holy Eurharist or The Lord's Supper.

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