Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A BBQ Report
The Southern Most Eating Establishment
in Georgia U.S.A.
The Shack by the Track
St. George, Georgia

Recently I visited a friend who lives in Northeast Florida.  Yes, I admit that I do travel to Florida once in a while.  He took me and My Bride to "Shack by the Track" for a dutch treat meal.  This southern most eating establishment in Georgia happens to be in Southeast Georgia.

After we watched the trains travel through Folkston, Georgia on 6 April 2013 during  Railwatch 2013 we were told to get ready to consume the best BBQ.  Sure I stated, but I am now able to confirm that "The Shack by the Track" produces the finest BBQ Ribs that I have ever consumed.

As you can quickly ascertain this cooker is about four feed across.
I would also say that it is about twelve feet long.

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