Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Crisis
in the
United States of America

I frequently hear that one in five children go to bed hungery each day.  I have also heard that one in six families cannot feed their children.

I have also hear that the Supplemental Nutrittion Program (SNAP) has well over 40 million participants in our country.

Just the other day I read and/or heard that our present government is promoting the SNAP to illegals who live in our country. 

Then we also hear how our government recently imposed cost restrictions on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which caused a slow down in the airline industry. 

Are we in a crisis or is our government manufacturing a crisis to simply allow everyone to suffer so that our duly elected leaders can have their way with us?

Certainly something to consider and also allow us to realize that maybe our duly elected leaders are misleading us to the point that we will simply let them do as they choose.

I certainly hope not!!!!!  Are the hungery children currently residing in homes where the parents are enrolled in the SNAP program?  If we are having such a shortage of funds why is our government promoting the SNAP to illegals? 

I cannot understand why!!!!!   Maybe I am not supposed to understand!!!!    But certainly something for us all to think about and hopefully realize that we can do better during the next election cycle!!!!

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