Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Education is Critical

Yes, we all know that Education of our Citizens is critical.  In fact we have elected school boards who are responsible for that task here in Georgia!!!!!

That stated I find it very interesting that a number of Candidates as they announce their campaigns for the "New" Macon/Bibb County Government Commission Seats that they will stress Education.

This sounds good, but maybe they should wait and consider running for the Bibb County Board of Education where they really can make a difference.

If these individuals think that by saying "Education" in their campaign pronouncements and literature that they will have a leg up on their opposition I would remind them all that I really feel that the majority of voters in Bibb/Macon will want to hear how the "New" Government and the duly elected leaders will enhance the local economy and improve the infracture as well as protect the public.

I would humbly suggest that our candidates also focus on "Servant Leadership."  What they can do to improvement of the local situation versus what we the people can provide for them.  I say this now because in the recent past we have seen and yes even heard some of our elected leaders suggest that they needed a pension. 

I would suggest that the time for "real servant leadership" is now!!

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