Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Slow Exposure
Photography Contest

Several months ago I was informed of a "Slow Exposure" Photography Contest sponsored by a group of citizens in Pike County, Georgia.  It seems that over ten years ago they decided to promote their part of Georgia by organizating a Photography Contest.  This is the tenth year and they received entries from across the United States of America as well as from other countries.  They have several renown photographers jury the entries and during the last half of September each year they have a show.

I entered six images and today I was informed that none of my entries were accepted.  Never the less I enjoyed the shooting experience and I focused on rural Georgia, which is the mantra of the Show.

 "Cat House"

" Forgotten C.S.A. Warrior"
" Fried Chicken Starts Here"

 "Springhill Cemetery and Church"

 "Tractor Show"

"You Call, We Haul"

I suspect that I will participate in this fun, and also challenging event next year.  To learn more about this Show Please visit:

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