Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Appropriate Behavior
Ethics As A Member Of The Human Race

Recently there has been a lot of media coverage regarding who is having or had an affair with a member of the opposite sex.

Just my recommendation on this matter, which I learned so many years ago.  It was when I was first transferred to Shore Duty In Washington, DC.  I had reported for this Shore Duty on July 31, 1964.  Several months later the Command I was assigned to received several wonderful looking U. S. Navy Waves.

A few days after their arrival the Master Chief who was our Division Chief took all of us young Sailors to the conference room and gave us a firm talking to.  The message was brief and quite effective.

We were told:  "Do Not Peter The Pay Roll!!"

The Master Chief's comment to us was  effective.  We believed and we all did see the consequences.  Needless to say, someone in an other area of the command did not get this talk and there was serious consequences.  Even more serious than the consequences were are learning about now in the media.  Someone almost lost their life.  Need I say more.

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