Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012
The pictures in this post were taken on Thursday, November 22, 2012 after I had completed the decoration for the Thanksgiving Dinner we hosted at our home.  My Bride was busy with last minute details in the kitchen.  I had decided that in addition of My Bride and Family I had a lot to be very Thankful for.  This post will feature some of these Blessings.

A nice retreat in the corner of the Master Bedroom where I
often reflect on the Goodness that My God has
provided to me.

A peaceful retreat where we can refresh ourselves

The Grand Children's Suite when they visit us

The Guest Room.  You can see pictures of our two sons and also
our First Grandchild

The 421 Flag was the company that I trained
with in U. S. Navy Boot Camp.
I graduated in November 1961
The white star is the
academic achievement
award our company earned

Hats from each of the four ships that I served in

USS Ranger (CVA-61)
USS Sellers (DDG-11)
USS John Paul Jones (DDG-32)
USS Hull (DD-945)

The Dining Room Table

The centerpiece is fresh fruit and
vegetables placed in
a Kraut Cutter

The new living room suite which was
acquired after the 2010 home flooding

Two of several Thanksgiving Cactus which
decorate the family room

The Breakfast Room table ready for the
Thanksgiving Meal

Pictures of each of the ships I served in during my
twenty-one year career in the U. S. Navy
placed in the library

The framed Shellback Certificate I earned while in
USS Ranger (CVA-61).  We were operating with U-2 planes
and had crossed the equator therefore an initiation
was required.  I am a trusty Shellback.  This happened
in May of 1964

This is the SS United States.  I traveled from New York to Southhampton, England
in the Fall of 1966 for duty on the Staff of U. S. Navy Forces Europe located
in London, England.

As I reflect on my life thus far I know that I have been well Blessed.  I have a lot of Blessing to be Thankful for during my 72 years of life.

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