Saturday, November 10, 2012

We Remember

U. S. Marine Sgt Rodney Maxwell Davis

April 7, 1942 - September 6, 1967

Today, November 10th, 2012 We Remember the sacrifice of Sgt Rodney Maxwell Davis, a U. S. Marine who was born in Macon, Georgia on April 7, 1942.  He gave his life as a U. S. Marine on September 6, 1967.  Rodney was a 25 year old Hero.  For his Heroic Act on September 6th, 1967 he earned the Medal of Honor.  Since his death in 1967 the U. S. Navy has named a Ship to Honor him and his heroic actions as a U. S. Marine.  The USS Rodney M Davis  (FG-60) is still in commission and continues to honor this Hero from Macon, Georgia. 

 The local area has also honored this hometown hero.  Here is a picture of a Monument which has been placed on the North Parking area of the Macon Coliseum, which is now known as the Macon Centreplex.

This monument is across Poplar Street from Macon's City Hall.  The picture below shows the inscription on the reverse side of this monument

 This is the entrance to Macon's Historic Linwood Cemetery, the place where Sgt Rodney M. Davis was buried.  His tombstone is pictured below.

Today this Monument was dedicated to honor Sgt Rodney Maxwell Davis who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his acts over forty-five years ago.  The wreath was placed by members of the Davis Family.  This Monument is just a few feet away from the burial place and will be lighted during all times of darkness.  I have visited this site many times in the past twenty years.  When the Monument at the Macon Coliseum was dedicated I learned that Rodney Maxwell Davis had served as a member of the U. S. Marine Detachment in London, England at the same time that I also served in London.  Although we never knew each other, I remain confident that I passed him many times because we had to show our identification to the Marine on duty before we were allowed to enter the Office Spaces assigned to the Staff, U. S. Naval Forces Europe. 

We remember.  I would estimate that there were 200 people who attended this Monument Dedication today.  Yes, we remembered.  A very appropriate time to dedicate this Monument - forty five years after his death as we observe Veteran's Day 2012.

Thank You!!!   U. S. Marine
Rodney M. Davis 

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