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For Georgia Citizens Only

For several years I have been publishing this Blog entitled "The World This Week" so it is appropriate to revisit a bit of information that is included on the right side of this Blog.  I publish this Blog with the known name as "The Flower Child."  Here is what "The Flower Child" looks like today.  He is also modeling an "Angel Trumpet" Bloom.  So much for the background information.

We must now turn to a more serious concern and one that is of great importance and will have a profound impact on Public Education in the State of Georgia U.S.A.  Please scroll past the picture.

Because I have heard and read about the "Proposed Constitutional Amendments" we all will be voting on this October and November of 2012 I took the opportunity to attend a public event to learn more about Amendment #1.

This is how it will appear on your early Voting Ballot as well as the Ballot you may cast on November 6th of 2012:


Provides for improving
student achievement and
parental involvement through
more public charter school

House Resolution No. 1162
Act No.72
Ga. L. 2012, p. 1364

"Shall the Constitution of Georgia be
amended to allow state or local approval of
public charter schools upon the request of
local communities?"

____   Yes

____    No

The first speaker, who was involved in a recent application to establish a "Charter School" in Bibb County reminded us that:

  • Education - It is a Civil Right
  • A yes vote will allow "Parental Control" over their childrens education
  • At the current time we have too many adults behaving like children.  Parents need to be Parents.
  • Regarding the "transportation" requirements imposed on the applicants for the Charter School in Bibb County placed by the Bibb County Board of Education this speaker informed us that:  "Parents can get their kids to school!!!" after all they can currently get them  to the Mall!!!!!!!
  • At the current time the state can approve a Charter School application, even when a Local School Board objects; however the funding will be 50% of the normal level of funds expended for education for each student in that specific county
  • When Amendment #1 is passed a Commision will be established to approve Charter School Applications beyond the scope of the current rules and regulations.
  • Approval of Amendment #1 will generate another level of management which will also provide an additional level of appeal.  When #1 is passed the new "Commission" can approve a Charter School Application and full funding will be passed to the new Charter School.  Full Funding is understood to be the level of funding available to the Public School System in the applicable County.  Thus if a county expends $8,000.00 per year per Scholar the Charter School will receive $8,000.00 per year per Scholar.
This Speaker concluded her talk with this comment:

"Parents want better for their children."

The next, and final speaker for the evening, the former Director of "Campus Club" here in Macon informed us he loves Macon.  That he has decided to live here.  He informed us:
  • Kids are being trapped
  • In Bibb County some have corporations to help kids who need help because of our failing school system
  • As Citizens of Bibb County we are failing our kids
  • Vote Yes on Amendment #1
  • Some politicans who oppose Amendment #1  are Gate Keepers
  • Our current situation as regards Public Education in Bibb County requires all concerned must rely on government.
  • Charter Schools can help
  • Challenged us to take the opportunity to view the film "Waiting for Superman"
  • At this time "our children do not have an on ramp to success?"
  • Voting Yes on Amendment #1 is all about choice
  • As it is now one could suspect that Local Public School Systems do not want  "competition"
  • We all know that a proper education does allow improvement
This speaker then shared with us the "Deon Howard" saga.  This young man faced severe challenges in his quest to acquire an education.  With assistance from caring individuals he has overcome these challenges. 

He concluded his talk with us with this statement:

"No kid needs to be held hostage in a failing school system!!!!"

During the brief comment/questions/answers segment of this event it was pointed out that the "New Commission" which would be established on approval of Admendment #1 would cost money.

While this is most certainly true it was also pointed out that it only takes about $8,000.00 per year per Scholar in the Bibb Public School System while it generall cost more than $25,000.00 per year per prisoner to keep them in Jail for a year.

So we left the meeting with the reality, Which system do we as citizens desire to take.  Do we want the flexibility to educate our young Scholars in the best manner possible or do we want to expend even more funds to keep one prisoner in jail.  Admittedly we currently have more Scholars in Public Schools than we have prisoners in Jail; however we must also look at the long term consquences of not allowing Parents a choice for the education of their children versus the potential of what these same Scholars may become in the future having to endure the consequences of a "failing school system." 

Besides that, we all know that competition often results in all things become better or at least being improved.

What is the adage about all boats rising to a higher level versus sinking because of apathy.  This may not be an exact quote; however it does point out what I am stating here.

I would suggest that we can achieve better education for our Georgia Scholars by voting to approve Amendment #1.  This gives the parents a choice.  It also impacts on the future of a quality education for all of our Scholars.  

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Alan said...

In the second to last paragraph I discussed boats. Here is the original often attributed to President J.F. Kennedy.

"a rising tide lifts all boats"

You can check this quote out on Google and learn more about the intended meaning and the situation regarding it's first use.