Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Adult Behavior
I am not impressed when I read or hear of individuals who have problems regarding being on time.  Just the other day a writer to a popular "Advice Column" in the local Newspaper sought advice on how to handle a Supervisor who was unhappy with the "Worker" who had experienced several late arrivals for work.  The writer was concerned that her immediate supervisor might derail her opportunity to seek a position/job in another department because she was late on several occasions to her current position/job,

If I recall correctly the advice give to the writer was "Show Up For Work" on time.  Sounds simple enough to me.  Yet I am confident that each of us may have at one time or another become weary when our fellow people kind abuse their relationships be being late, by being unable to carry out the task they agreed to complete, etc.  The list is at times endless.  From my own point of view, fellow people kind who tell me they are going to do such and such, be at a place at such a time, or even such simple things as perform a volunteer task and they fail to do so have betrayed me.  More important, they have betrayed themselves.  Can they be trusted in the future?

As you can tell from the picture above, I am fairly mature.  Yes my hair is grey and I am not as fast as I used to be, but I can assure you that "My Word Is My Bond."  Unfortunately that is not the case for a lot of people we all rely on on a daily basis.

I have developed an attitude regarding these fellow people kind.  If they can not be trusted I remind myself that they also "Are Mature Adults."  Sometimes I even remind them that they "Are Mature Adults."  Some understand the situation, others blow if off and unfortunately, far too many simply do not understand. 

Today, I challenge you to recall when you have been betrayed in a situation that meant a lot to you.  Rather than fretting about the situation simply tell your self that "May be these people are not Mature Adults" and proceed on with your individual life.

Life is far too short to become burdened by the lack of being responsible by our fellow people kind.

Maybe if enough of people kind ignore them and their casual manner/ways/habits, they also will be come "Responsible Mature Adults" who can also be trusted.

If generates a healthy "Mental Health" situation for anyone who simply lets the "Not Mature Adult"  to suffer the consequences of their own actions.

In conclusion, please recall the number of times you waited for a fellow people kind to meet you at a particular event at a specific time!!!!  This is your homework assignment for today.

Then back to the letter writer I discussed in the opening of this Post.  Maybe the future for this employee will improve if being on time for the job/assigned task/meeting/appointment becomes a way of life.  In any age, and in particular in our unstable economy I suspect that many employees can eliminate "dead wood" when the employee does not live up to expectations/job requirements.

By the way, the author of this Post is retired and I enjoyed a happy 66 years in the work force.  Of course I started as a young Iowa Farm Boy working on my Parent's Farm.  In that regard, Thank You Mom and Dad for instilling the need to be reliable.  I do consider myself a "Mature Adult."

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