Sunday, September 04, 2011


I recently overheard a peer comment that many young couples today live together versus getting married because of the high cost.  The logic to this statement is that with a high divorce rate, why waste the money to get married!!!

After I overhead that comment I gave the statement some serious thought.  Yes, the cost of a wedding is high. 

A recent review of the wedding cost on a website gave me this information:

"On average, couples that live in Macon, GA spend between $16,832 and $28,053 total for Market Summary

The totals above are based on the average number of guests estimated between 117 and 131. A single guest could add between $163 and $199 to the overall cost of your wedding."

Based on this information it just may be correct that many are ignoring the need for a wedding!! 

Have we as a Society become so engaged in the "Dream Wedding" which are often promoted in the media that it is really too expensive to get married?

I would suggest that a serious dose of critical thinking be applied by all couples who are in love.  Does a couple and/or their parents need to expend this level of funds to insure a happy marriage?

I would suggest that reality, when considering the divorce rate; would prove that the amount of money expended on a "Dream Wedding" does not insure a successful marriage.

I post this Blog Entry as a recycled Male and I can assure you that at no time did I ever participate in a "Dream Wedding" involving myself; which allows me to suggest that the committment to a marriage is more important than the funds expended.

Now, before you suggest that I write an advice column, please be aware that the purpose of this Blog is to educate and to provide an article that hopefully cause readers here to think.

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