Monday, September 05, 2011

I was fortunate enough to be able to listen to our President speak the good people of Detroit today.

Briefly stated he was addressing the good people of Detroit about our U.S.A.  He gave a hint of his economic message which he will deliver later this week to a joint session of Congress.

I was unable to comprehend one portion of his talk when he informed the crowd that "Unions are the Bedrock of America."

If I recall my History correctly, our great country was settled by peoples from all lands seeking freedom. 

As our Commander in Chief of the U. S. Military, I would think that our Preident would refer to the U. S. Military as the Bedrock, which allows us all to enjoy the freedoms that caused peoples to seek out a life in the U. S. A.

Without the U. S. Military defending the principles on which our Nation was founded I suspect that we could now be speaking German. 

Prior to composing this post I looked up the word "Bedrock" and ascertained that the term meant:  "The fundamental principles on which womething is based."  This certainly fits the situation as regarding the freedoms that we all enjoy since our Country was established and so well defended by our Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Sailors and Coast Guard Personnel.

Or, maybe our President was saying that our Unions are our  "Lowest Point," which was the second definition I found for this term.

No matter which definition you apply to the word, I am confident even General George Washington would have not agreed with our current President's assessment.  I suspect that a majority of our former Presidents would also be alarmed by the use of the word bedrock and the word union in the same sentence.

Now, before anyone comments that the Flower Child is out of touch with today's modern times, let me remind you that our great Nation was founded on the principle of freedom for all peoples.  Yes, we did engage in a War in the 1800th Century to reaffirm that principle.  For me it is all about Freedom.

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