Wednesday, January 25, 2012


During the 1963 Western Pacific Cruise of the USS Ranger (CVA-61) I participated in the many opportunities to visit the cultures of Hong Kong and Japan.  These two pictures published today were taken as 35 MM Slides during the cruise.

I recently decided that in order to maintain my story that I should have these slides scanned into a digital format so that I could share with Family and Friends in today's world.

This is a picture of myself sitting on a rail at Victoria's Peak in Hong Kong, B.C.C. as it was known in 1963.

 I had 96 slides scanned and the company put them on two CDs.  They also provided me with a software link where I could read and also write the images.

The two I publish today were much darker as 35 MM Slides.  Because I could download the digital images to software editing programs I was able to improve on the images.

This is a picture of myself as I prepared to enter a Hotel during a Special Services Trip in Japan during the 1963 cruise. 

The image on the 35 MM Slide was much darker.  I was able to edit the picture so I can now share it via Facebook and other media to my Family and Friends.

The scanning of the slides was performed by a Company I found on the World Wide Web.  I sent in my first order to ascertain how well they performed.  I am very impressed and share this link with you today in case you are looking for a firm that will update your memories to digital.  They do slides, prints, videos to digital.  You can learn about this firm at:

This firm provided fast service and allowed me to proof the scans prior to completing the order.  I was allowed to reject 25% of the scans which would have resulted in a lower price for the total order.  I sent 100 slides, however there were only four that were not acceptable. 

I was and remain impressed with this firm.  In fact I sent my second order to them  yesterday, January 24, 2012.  

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