Thursday, February 09, 2012

Spring Gardening Chores

Pruning Demonstration
The Pine Ridge Garden Club
Macon, Georgia

We all know that February is the usual month here in Middle Georgia to conduct the Spring pruning of plants/trees/shrubs that adorn our Southern Gardens.  Here you see the Owner of Deep South Landscaping and Construction, L.L.C. giving us useful information on tool/equipment maintenance before he commenced the pruning demonstration.   He provided the members of The Pine Ridge Garden Club with useful information.  In addition to the having the proper tools he demonstrated the use of protective equipment such as ear and eye protection, which you will observe in the following pictures.  The picture above displays some of the equipment he used and he also stressed the need for proper clean up after the pruning has been completed.

In addition to providing a pleasing shape of the finished tree/shrub he stressed the need to do clean cutting with sharp equipment to reduce the opportunity for disease/s to damage the plant. 

Throughout the demonstration he explained the need to shape the plant/s so that their beauty can be enjoyed by all.  Additionally he pointed out the need to eliminate interior branches that crossed over on the inside of the plant.

I would certainly recommend this Company for your Garden Maintenance Chores.  You can contact him at:

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