Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Macon, Georgia
An Exciting Place 
to Live!!!
On 10 and 11 March I performed my Community Service at the 2015 Design House at 551 Cherry Street.  Today, 11 March I enjoyed a Lunch at Kudzu Seafood.  

This wonderful Lunch establishment is open
Monday through Friday 11 A.M. to 3 P.M!
Today was their third time I enjoyed the
Jambalaya.  As I told the Waitress, the Jambalaya
is my Go-To Lunch when I dine at
Kudzu Seafood.

Kudzu is located at 470 Third Street and kept
the ceiling support fixtures when they
restored the space for the Restaurant.  I found
this to be very interesting and I also
appreciate the fact that the Owner maintained
a part of the former Building!!

Once I departed Kudzu Seafood I had the
opportunity to enjoy a performance by
a Street Musician.  Of course I asked for
permission before I took this picture.

I include this picture of Travis Jean
Gallery at 530 Cherry Street because
the owner has carefully created
a business and gallery, which also
allows us all to appreciate Downtown Macon,

The 2015 Design House where I was a volunteer consist of three Condos which are very well done!!  In summary, many great things are happening in Macon-Bibb!!!

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