Monday, March 14, 2016

Pretty Flowers

Creating Beauty

On March 8, 2016 My Bride and I participated in a Pine Ridge Garden Club Field Trip to Coweta Greenhouses, Inc. near Newnan, Georgia.  This is the Greenhouse that produces the lovely potted plants that you see at Kroger Food Stores here in Middle Georgia.  Yesterday we acquired three Dummen Potunia (Trade Mark Registered) Series Petunia pots at Kroger on Tom Hill Jr. Blvd. here in Macon, Georgia.  Today it was my pleasure to place these loving looking flowers in three planters.  I followed the directions that came with the plants.

This is a close up view of the Athletic Shirt I used to make the drain hole covers in the Planters.

First of all I selected an Athletic Shirt to cut up to place in the bottom of the planters so that the soil would not escape through the drain holes.  I selected one well worn shirt (note the style) which is often called the Wife Beater Model.  I know that I have worn this for well over 30 years. 

Here I placed a double layer of the former Wife Beater Shirt in the bottom of the planter so that excess water could drain through the drain holes.

I drilled eleven holes in the bottom of each of the three planters so that excess water could drain out of the planter.  Note that I drilled eleven holes because I have always been told that when one is involved in landscape projects that an uneven number is always more visually appealing.

I then assembled the necessary items that I would place in the Planters prior to placing the flowers.  I used Stone in the very Bottom and Peanuts just on top of the stones.  I then placed a mixture of Potting Soil with fertilizer added mixed with Potting Soil with Moisture Control  I used a one third Moisture Control Soil to two thirds of Potting
Soil with fertilizer for the mixture.

This is one of the three planters ready to commence the project.

I then placed about four inches of rock on top of the Shirt to give the base of the Planter some weight so they would not blow over in a strong wind.

The next step was to place Packing Peanuts about ten inches deep so that the completed Planters would not be too heavy.  This will allow the planters to be moved around.

I then placed about eight inches of Potting Soil Mixture into the Planters and tamped it tight over the Packing Peanuts so that there would be a minimum of soil settling once the plants were in place.  Note the brick which I used to tamp the Potting Mix.  I did not keep the brick in the Planters.

Here is one completed Planter.  They are fairly light weight and thus can be turned to allow the Sun to shine on all sides so that the blooms will always present a well rounded appearance.  The complete height of the plants will not exceed twelve inches.  The width will be from two to three feet so they will drape over the edges and look lovely as they mature.  The directions with the Plants directed the Gardener (That would be Me) to Fertilize once a month.  I will use a liquid fertilizer.

This is a view of the completed Planter Project.  Three Planters in a Row on the edge of the Deck.  I am looking forward to the beauty that these Petunias provide My Bride and I this Summer!!!

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