Monday, February 04, 2013

Swamp Oak Chestnut Trees
Honoring Grandchildren

I recall that it was in early 2009 when My Bride and I attended an Arbor Day Event at Macon State College here in Macon, Georgia.  We each received a Swamp Oak Chestnut Tree which was about eighteen inches tall.

We decided that we would plant them at the home of our Grandchildren near Dublin, Georgia.  The tree for our Grandson thrived.  However the tree for our Granddaughter did not.

In December of 2012 I was able to acquire a replacement tree for our Granddaughter.  It was eight feet tall. 

Here you see the Dad of our Grandchildren
watering the replacement tree which was
planted on 21 December 2012

Here you see our Grandson
modeling his tree which was
planted in early 2009 when he was
just a few months old

The Grandson proudly displaying
his Swamp Oak Chestnut Tree
27 January 2013

Our Granddaughter watering  her
Swamp Oak Chestnut on
February 3, 2013

Our Granddaughter proudly
modeling her tree
These trees can grow to a mature height of 80 feet.  They will provide an abundance of shade and I am confident that our Grand Children will be able to recall the trees of their youth as they grow into adults.  No matter where their respective lives take them they will always have fond memories of their Childhood home. 

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