Monday, July 08, 2013

Macon, Georgia on the Move

Macon, Georgia
on the

The Sunday, July 7th Business section of "The Telegraph" had a very informative article on Page 1D with the headline of "Downtown upswing" by Harold Goodridge.  Lofts are becoming very coveted in Macon, Georgia.

During a recent photo field trip to downtown Macon I was able to capture these images which also focus on redevelopment.

I suspect that the two upper levels of this
Cherry Street Structure will become
Loft Apartments

Today's Issue of "The Telegraph" reported that
the Auditorium will also be renovated.  I recall that
this structure was constructed in 1925 so I think that
it is important to maintain this for the 100th Anniversary.

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Norma said...

Des Moines also is into lofts in the downtown renovation areas.