Monday, July 15, 2013

The Flower Child's Dream World - It should work for all.



Just the other day I was reading about the challenges that face the local Bibb County Georgia Democrat Party in an article titled:  "What's going on with Bibb's Democratic Party?"

Even though the article was rather long I read it all and I took special interest in this quote from "The Telegraph:"

"David Lucas, who wasn't serving in the Legislature when the consolidation bill was drafted, placed the blame for what happened on the Republicans and the three Democrats who were under the Gold Dome at the time - state Reps. Nikki Randall and James Beverly, and then-state Sen. Miriam Paris.  When legislators created the nine new districts for  the combined government, several neighborhoods were moved into odd configurations to dilute black voting strength in those parts of town.  

'They all signed the bill, and they didn't even know what was in the bill,' said Lucas, who defeated Paris last year for the Senate seat in the Democratic primary.  'Everybody who is arguing (about the switch to nonpartisan elections) is crying  alligator tears.  People need to tell the truth.""

I took special interest in the statement "they didn't even know what was in the bill."  As I read this my mind quickly recalled the statement of the Speaker of our U. S. House of Representatives when she called for the vote on the law which we now call "ObamaCare."  If I recall correctly she stated that the bill needed to be passed so that it could be opened and everyone would then know what the bill contained.

Certainly an interesting change of events.  A local Democrat appears to not understand the mantra for doing business by our duly elected leaders.  I do not understand how a U. S. Representative can allow or even call for a vote on a matter without the U.S. Representatives being allowed time to read it and locally we have a contrast in leadership styles.

Surely Senator Lucas understands the Democrat leadership style.  I get the impression that he cannot appreciate that leadership style/mantra when it may have possibly been employed against Democrats.

Oh, what interesting times we live in.  Surely our Leaders at all levels will soon become aware that they were elected to serve all, We The People and not just the electors who placed in positions of trust and honor.

Some may suggest that I am living in a dream world; but I maintain that until the end of time there is always hope.  I learned that during the 2008 Presidential Campaign.  

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