Tuesday, April 08, 2014

I am Alan Thiese, a Candidate for District 3 Macon Water Authority.  My personal history is:
  • Iowa Farm Boy for 21 years
  • A Sailor in the U. S. Navy for 21 years
  • Office Manager for a Nursing Home here in Bibb County for 18 months
  • Packing Machine operator at Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company in Macon for 17 years
  • Currently a part-time employee at the Mercer University School of Medicine as a Standardized Patient and also the Georgia National Fair Photography Contest
I have been a continuous resident of Bibb County since 11 December 1978.

I am seeking the District 3 Post because:

  • The 1994 Flood allowed us to construct a state of the art Water Storage Facility and a Water Treatment Plant and I as a member of the Board will support policies that insure the highest level of maintenance possible so that we all will have a reliable source of water with the equipment functioning at the highest level of efficiency possible.
  • I pledge that I will also support appropriate policies that will insure that our Sewer System is safe and reliable and efficient.
  • I will be a board member that will promote appropriate policies that will allow Macon-Bibb to attract new business and industry.
  • I will support programs that insure that the Funds expended by the Macon Water Authority are cost effective.
Admittedly these are general concepts that everyone can appreciate and include a multitude of considerations, which at this time may even be unknown.

I believe I can best serve the customers of the Macon Water Authority because:

  • I will be accessible, a listener and a representative for the District Customers as well as serving the needs of al the Customers of the Authority.
  • My past employments required that I perform on a Team.  I pledge to continue this concept when elected to the Macon Water Authority.
  • I have the time to study the agenda items for the Board Meetings and to consider the impact of my vote as a Member of the Board.
Your Vote for Alan Thiese will allow the best representation possible for District 3 customers, both property owners and renters, who all depend on a safe and adequate water supply.  PLEASE Remember - "Water Is Life."

Each of us seeking the District 3 Post Care about our water resources, both fresh water and the sewerage infrastructure and the treatment facilities; however I submit that I am the Candidate who has the most time to represent you, the Voter's and Customers in District 3.  Thank You!!!

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