Thursday, September 11, 2014

Random Reflections

I realize that this is my second post on this Blog today.  However as the day went on I reflected on what happened in 2001 and also thought about what I observed today.  This post will have no pictures.

  • As I attended the Memorial Service at 8:30 A.M. in downtown Macon-Bibb today I noted many younger citizens in their uniforms without any badges, etc.  I later learned that these young citizens were trainees for Public Service Jobs.  I am sure that most of them probably were not more than six years old when 9-11-2001 happened.  I appreciate their attitude and their seeking jobs in the public service field.  
  • Of course many Public Service Heroes of the Macon-Bibb Fire Department, Macon-Bibb Law Enforcement Team and Elected Government Officials were present.  They were in their Dress Uniforms or Business Suit Attire.  As a private citizen I was able to wear casual clothes.  I say this, because I know what wearing a uniform involves.  Cleaning and also sweating when the temperature is warm and/or hot.  Yet these Public Servants/Heroes proudly wore their respective Uniforms.
  • A wide cross section of the local citizens also attended this Memorial Service.  They took the time to Remember.
  • We all know that Freedom is Never Free and I take this opportunity to Salute our Nations Heroes.  When I say Heroes I mean: 
          All Members of All Law Enforcement Teams
          All Members of All Fire Departments
          All Members of our Nation's Armed Forces
          All Emergency Response Personnel
          Anyone not listed above who is responsible for the Public 
          Safety of Us All

Thank You!!  You each individually deserve our Thanks and Each of Your Respective Teams deserve our Thanks!!!!

I urge everyone to Promise to Themselves to never Forget who makes our way of life in our United States of America Possible!!!

Thank You for your taking the time to read this message!!

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Alan said...

While many talk about 9-11 I for one really appreciate those who are actually involved in protecting us all and defending our Country. Thank You!!!!