Wednesday, October 08, 2014

USS Ranger (CVA-61)
2014 Reunion
Jacksonville, Florida
2 - 5 October
My first sea duty after Boot Camp in San Diego, California was onboard the USS Ranger (CVA-61) homeported in Alameda, California.  I served in Ranger from 18 April 1961 through 18 July 1964.

My Bride and I attended this reunion and here are a few pictures we took.
The Jacksonville scene from our Hotel Room.

Every Ship Reunion I attend involves touring the
local area.  It is an excellent opportunity to
learn about different cities and of course U. S.
History.  We took a trip to Saint Augustine,

Here I am holding up the Fort!!

A display of the weapons used in an
earlier time.

The Pipe Organ at the Memorial Presbyterian Church
which was constructed in 361 days by 1000 workers
and funded by Mr. Flager.

The Sound shell over the pulpit.  It has
been determined that this shell was
constructed of one cross section of a
large log.

An exterior view of the Memorial Church.

The front facade of the Memorial Church.

The gate way to the City of Saint Augustine.
The sidewalks were being renovated.

A view of the gate of the Huguenot
Cemetery in Saint Augustine.

Please click on this plaque to read the
interesting information about the Statue
of David which is located in front of
the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum
in Saint Augustine.

This statue stands seventeen feet tall.
As the prior picture indicates this
statue is of David when he was 12 years
old.  He is holding his sling shot
in his left hand and it is draped over his

My Bride and I at the Treaty Oak in
a Park in Jacksonville, Florida.

This view and the next will give you some
idea of the size of the Treaty Oak.

Public Art near the Panera Cafe where
My Bride and I enjoyed a Lunch.

Our wardrobe selections for the
Reunion Banquet.  I decided to attend
as a Tender Young Iowa Farm Boy to reflect
on my Iowa Heritage.  

Prior to departing Jacksonville we enjoyed
a delightful breakfast at the Metro Diner with our
Iowa Friends, the Griffins.

We learned of the Metro Diner a few years
ago while watching the Food Channel and
decided that this was a place we must

We enjoyed our Ranger Reunion in Jacksonville, Florida!!!!!

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