Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Birthday
U. S. Navy
239 Years
13 October 2014
 Today we celebrate the Birthday of our U. S. Navy.  I would like to share a few pictures with you as we Celebrate.

I joined in August of 1961, however
this picture was taken in 1963 when
I was a Seaman (E-3) assigned to
the USS Ranger (CVA-61)

This anchor is in the Library to remind
me each day of my Service to our Country
as a Sailor in the United States Navy.

This is the Company Flag of the Company I
was assigned to in Boot Camp in San
Diego, California in the Fall of 1961.
The white star indicates that our Company
earned the Academic Excellence Award.
There were 79 Recruits from Iowa and one
from Alaska.  The Alaska Recruit
was our Training Petty Officer.  He
conducted school call every evening
so we would all score high on the
daily test.

This was my first Ship after Boot Camp.
The USS Ranger (CVA-61) homeported in
Alameda, California.

This is a framed Shell Back Certificate
that is on display in the Library.  We
crossed Equator on 20 May 1964 while on
special operations with the U-2
Airplane.  The Ranger was the first
Carrier to operate with the U-2.

After a tour of Shore Duty in Washington, D.C.
I reenlisted for more Shore Duty in London, England.
My Division Officer arranged Surface
Transport.  I traveled from New York City to
Southhampton, England on the SS United States.

After three years in London I was
assigned Sea Duty on the USS Sellers (DDG-11)
homeported in Charleston, SC.  We deployed on Med
Cruise in 1971.

My next Sea Duty was on the USS John
Paul Jones (DDG-32) a ship that was converted
from a Destroyer (DD-932).  While onboard
John Paul Jones we had a one year
overhaul at the Long Beach, California
Navy Ship Yard.

My final Sea Duty was on Board the
USS Hull (DD-945) homeported in
San Diego, California.  I was onboard for the 1978
Western Pacific Cruise.  The Hull was the
last all Gun Destroyer our U. S. Navy operated.
We also were the only Destroyer to ever
have an 8 inch Gun.

Throughout my Navy Career I
advanced in the Yeoman Rate.
I retired on 31 December 1981
while on my second tour of
Shore Duty on the Staff of Navy
Recruiting Area Three in Macon,

I conclude this post as I celebrate the 239th
Birthday of our Navy and show you my
Heritage.  My Dad was the youngest of six
Iowa Farm Children.  He is seated between his
parents.  I include this Picture because I am very
proud of my Heritage and what I was
able to accomplish in My Navy Career.
I give great Thanks to my ancestors for what
they provided to me.  I know that
My Values came from my Parents and also
both sets of my Grandparents.

As we Celebrate and also extend our own personal gratitude for the Blessings that Our Navy has allowed us to enjoy and is currently allowing us all to enjoy; I must close this post with a huge Thank You!!!! and another Happy Birthday to our U. S. Navy.

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