Monday, October 27, 2014

San Diego, California
Visiting Our Past
During our recent visit to San Diego for a USS Hull (DD-945) Reunion My Bride and I visited the neighborhood were we lived in 1977 and 1978 when I served in the USS Hull.
This is the School where our oldest child attended
Kindergarten.  It was a year around school.

It was a mere two blocks from our home at
4070 Debbyann Place, Chula Vista, California

This is the intersection where I, Alan had
my famous motorcycle accident in May of 1977.
I was in the Balboa Navy Hospital in traction
for 30 days.  Because of this accident
I was on limited duty for about six months and
I lost my assignment in the John Paul
Jones (DDG-32)

This is the location where I had my accident.
As you can see, the curb has been set up for
handicapped mobility.  It was higher when
I jumped it in 1977.

This is the view looking South on Twining Avenue
from Debbyann Place.  You can see Mexico in the
distance.  We were about two miles North
of the Border.

Our oldest participated in fun activities and
recreation at this facility when he was
between sessions at his year around

A view of the playing field used during the intersessions.

This playground/park is less than five blocks
from where we lived.

Behind the 2014 Black Dodge Charger you can
see the home we lived in while we were in
San Diego.  It has changed a lot.  There
were no palm trees there then.

A close up view of 4070 Debbyann Place.
A gallon of gas a year was all that was needed
to keep the lawns mowed.
It was interesting to again visit the neighborhood were we lived 37 years ago.  The house at 4070 Debbyann Place was constructed in 1968 and sold to the first owner for $18,000.00.  We purchased it in late 1976 for $40,000.00 and sold it two years later in 1978 for $66,000.00. 

The Sea Duty in California in the late 1970s was very good for us!!! 

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