Friday, October 10, 2014

Macon-Bibb Blight Meeting

Monday evening, October 6th I attended the Blight Meeting at the Woodruff House on Bond Avenue here in Macon.  

We were informed that this "Blight" emphasis by The Telegraph and the Center for Collaborative Journalism started with the "Macon in the Mirror Series which was published in "The Telegraph" a few months ago.

Sherrie Marshall of The Telegraph then discussed the Meeting and what would be accomplished.  Additionally, the Take Away from the Macon in the Mirror Series was that the Blight Problems in Macon-Bibb are far more complex than first thought.  

At first glance the Housing Court appeared to be a major part of the problem, however it was later learned that the laws we have in Georgia also contribute to the Blight Problem in the entire State.

Blight is in all areas of Macon-Bibb.

In order to improve Macon-Bibb and reduce Blight we must all work together.  There is a need to build momentum going forward from the recently published "Blight Series" by The Telegraph.

The Housing Court Judge then urged us all to communicate with our Lawmakers to eliminate the current bottle necks in the Georgia Law/s which prevent timely action by concerned City and County Governments regarding the demolition of Houses that need to be destroyed.  

Additionally, it was pointed out that Commercial Blight is also a real problem and more emphasis needs to be placed on that in the future.

The attendees were then asked to report to three different rooms to "Brain Storm" Solutions.  This was done and at the conclusion of the individual group Brain Storms we met to share our ideas.  We were told that the ideas would be presented to the proper authorities and that the local print media would follow up.

It is my sincere hope that this is done!!!!!

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