Wednesday, October 15, 2014

and our U. S. Military
Deploy the
 101st Airborne

I am impressed that our U. S. Military, at the current time, only the 101st Airborne have been called upon to resolve the Ebola crisis in West Africa.  It is my understanding that we have or soon will have 2000 to 3000 of our Nation's Heroes on duty there to build Hospitals and maybe even treat patients who have Ebola.

What causes me even greater concern is right here in our own United States of America, which is reported to have the best Medical Care Available and all of our Hospitals can treat Ebola Patients that we see the Ebola virus gaining on the best efforts that we have expended thus far.

With all the training our Medical Professionals have received and how our own Director of The Center for Disease Control has now informed us that within hours of a Patient being determined to have Ebola a team of special Ebola Doctors/Professionals will be on the ground to treat this new patient.  This sounds wonderful!!

I am glad that our U. S. Military has already had this training and are considered competent to wage a War on Ebola in West Africa.  I am aware that only 24% of all our citizens in the 18 to 24 age group in this Country can even qualify for service in our U. S. Military.  I salute these Heroes!!!  They have it together.

Of course that does not say much for the quality of our current Medical Professions or their Leaders from the very top on down to the actual Hospital Workers.  I get the impression that they have not been trained, or worse yet, unlike our U. S. Military, these Medical Professions/Leaders/Hospital Workers have been trained but are unable to comply with the requirements required to treat Ebola Patients.  What a Shame!!!!

I understand that these Heroes that our Commander in Chief sent to West Africa will receive their regular pay, plus a sum of $3.00 for each day they are deployed.  I am extremely grateful that they have been trained for this unique, hazardous duty.

But another thought I have had cross my mind as I compose this post is, why did not our President require our Best Trained Medical Professional/Leaders/Hospital Workers to serve in West Africa to work to eliminate the massive human suffering that is happening there?  Surely they are well trained!!!!   Or, do my comments above refer to this situation.  I would also suspect that not one of these Medical Professionals/Leaders/Hospital Workers would even consider performing this task for an extra $3.00 a day.  

I suspect that our Commander in Chief exercised the option that would be the quickest and also the easiest to perform.  After all I have heard that many of our Airlines will not fly into West Africa.  However, our Pilots who serve at the pleasure of our Commander in Chief/President really have no choice.

In the Meantime, I urge all the readers here to continue to Pray for our Nation's Heroes and their respective Families as they serve the greater good of all peoples and also represent us, "We The People!! of the United States of America!!!!

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