Saturday, January 21, 2017

Martin Luther's Seal
Sixth Annual
Old City Flower Festival
21-24 January 2017
Hosted By
Mulberry Street
United Methodist Church
Macon, Georgia
 On September 20, 2016 I attended the initial meeting to plan for this annual event.  I attended on behalf of The Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity where I attend Church.  The theme for this Festival is:  "The Art of Our Worship."
I signed up to place a flower display featuring the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation which is being observed in 2017. 
I ordered the appropriate flowers in the proper colors in early December 2016 so that I would have them on January 20 so I could fabricate the arrangement.
 I had determined that I make the arrangement at my home and deliver it to the church before the 5:00 P.M. deadline on January 20th.
 Here is a picture of the arrangement with the Yellow (Gold) outer band.  I am also holding up an image of the seal which I used as the blucprint for my arrangement.
 Although the second band of color is blue, I used purple because there were no blue flowers available to purchase when I placed my order.
 As you can ascertain, I have now completed two bands of color in the seal and I must now arrange the white and red flowers to complete the seal.
 The red heart is now almost complete.  It was a challenge to get all the flowers arranged so it actually looked like the seal.
 The arrangement is now almost complete.  The "cross" in the center was the most challenging task in the fabrication of this seal.
 The completed seal on the work table in my garage.  We are now ready to transport the finished arrangement to the church.  Prior to starting the arrangement I had pre-soaked the oasis and placed it in the round cake pan.  The edge of the pan was wrapped in yellow satin ribbon so the cake plan would not distract from the finished "Seal."
 Here is the finished arrangement in the Atrium of Mulberry Street United Methodist Church.  I understand that there over twenty arrangements provided by various Congregations in Macon on display for this four day Old City Flower Festival.
I had ordered enough flowers to complete the arrangement, however once the Seal was complete I determined that there were plenty of flowers remaining so I placed them in this arrangement to simply display all of the colors I used in the "Seal."  It is also on display in the Atrium of the Church.
I enjoyed the opportunity to participate in this "Old City Flower Festival" in 2017 and also the opportunity to focus on the work of Martin Luther 500 years ago.


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