Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sixth Old City Flower Festival
21 - 24 January 2017
Hosted By
Mulberry Street United Methodist Church
Macon, Georgia
Today I show the arrangements that were part of this Festival.  On each Picture you will note the Name of the Church Involved.  It was a challenge to acquire these pictures because of the surrounding décor and the lighting in some situations.  Additionally I was hampered because I was using a Walking Cane.  However this series of pictures allows you to see the beauty that was presented at this Flower Festival. 
The Old City Flower Festival was started n 2012 by St. Joseph's Catholic Church as part of their "Week of Prayer in Christian Unity."
The Host for the Seventh Annual Old City Flower Festival was announced and it will be St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

The following three pictures were not included in the original post and are  herewith published so that every Congregation that participated has their Floral Display on this Blog.  Thank You!! 


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