Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cat Head Biscuits
at the
Biscuit Head
West Ashville, NC
11 July 2017
During a recent Holiday to the Holy Land (a.ka. Northeast Iowa) which features gently rolling hills My Sister In Law had me read a book by a young couple from Ashville, NC who operate Café called the Biscuit Head.  As a tender young Iowa Farm Boy I never ate biscuits in my youth.  No one else did either.  That changed when I retired from the U. S. Navy in Georgia in 1981.  I acquired a taste for biscuits.  During a recent Holiday to the Mountains of North Carolina My Bride, who had the Biscuit Head Café on her Bucket List insisted that we visit this West Ashville establishment.  I am glad I did.  I ordered the "Country Ham Biscuit" which included a fried green tomato and an egg. 

We enjoyed our Biscuits on the covered patio.

The "Cat Scratch" sauce let the consumer know that a biscuit could be hot.

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