Saturday, April 09, 2011

Springtime in Middle Georgia

 This is the Flower Child's Home in Middle Georgia.  It is nestled in a one acre wood lot with a plethora of native Dogwood Trees.  You can note the Dogwood blooms on the small trees in the foreground.  The Azaleas also with white blooms are the foundation plantings along the front of the house.

 Another sure sign that Spring has arrived is the flowers on the Clematis Vine.  This climbing plant is secured in a Tomato Cage.  I always enjoy this bright purple flower.  The background for this flower is a Tulip Poplar Tree which has just commenced its bloom cycle.

This view of the Helleborus on the North side of the deck which is on the North side of my Home certainly shows how well these plants do in a shade situation.  In fact they need shade to thrive.  They are also deer resistant.  You may know these plants as "Lenten Roses."  These plants are about 18 inches high and the flowers droop down.  This time of the year the flowers also include the seed pods.  You can see some of the young plants which grew from last years seed dropping in the foreground.

These make excellent plants to share with fellow gardners which I do quite often.  Oh, The Beauth of Spring. 

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