Thursday, December 22, 2011

Disney World 2011 Visit

Day Two

 The Family Christmas at the Condo prior to anyone getting up.

 We visited the Magic Kingdom in the late afternoon and early evening. 

 Of Course, this is Space Mountain. 

 The Grand Children as well as us adults had to pay our respects to Minnie and Mickey. 

 You can view our two Sons in this image as they face the Castle.  We have one Tennessee Fan and one Georgia Fan.

The Castle was adorned with many lights which changed colors.  The evening parade was well attended. 

From my point of view, this Eagle was the highlight of the evening parade.  The drama and the lights made the parade an event that I had to view.

I captured this view of the early evening fireworks as we made our way out of the Park.  An interesting and a very exciting day for everyone of us.

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