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Thirty Years
from the
United States Navy

 You can quickly see the ships and the time I served in each.  I retired from the U. S. Navy on December 31, 1981.

This picture was taken at U. S. Navy Housing in San Pedro, California while I was assigned to the USS John Paul Jones (DDG-32). I think it was taken in 1976.

I have fond memories of my time in the U. S. Navy.  Yes, there were bad days; however in the overall scheme of events, the good days certainly outnumbered the bad ones.  Besides that who wants to remember the bad days.

I was a Yeoman and enjoyed several periods of shore duty.  My first shore duty was at Naval Command Systems Support Activity at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington D.C.  I was assigned to this Command after my tour in the USS Ranger.  My next duty was on the Staff, U. S. Naval Forces Europe - 1966 - 1969.  While there I worked in Central Files and the Plans and Policy Division.

Following my tour of duty on the greatest Anti-Submarine Warfare Destroyer in the Atlantic, the USS Sellers, which was homeported in Charleston, SC;  I was assigned to the Staff of Director, Navy Recruiting Area Three in Macon, Georgia.  The name was was later changed to Commander Navy Recruiting Area Three.  For my final sea tour I was assigned to the USS John Paul Jones on the West Coast.  A tragic motor cycle accident in May of 1977 resulted in six months of limited duty and I was then assigned to the USS Hull for my final sea tour prior to my final shore tour once again in Macon, Georgia on the Staff of Commander Navy Recruiting Area Three. 

I enjoyed my 21 years of U. S. Navy Service and made three major deployments.  Two to the Western Pacific on the USS Ranger and the USS Hull.  My only deployment off of the East Coast was while I was assigned to the USS Sellers to the Mediterranen Sea.

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Papi said...

Hi Alan, I found your blog while searching for pictures of the USS John Paul Jones DDG-32. I am a member of a facebook group of guys who all served onboard the JPJ - I posted the link to one of your blogs and to your USS Ranger CV-61 page. One of the men in the group remembers you. Here is a link to our group:
If you do not have a facebook account, please sign up and join the group - we are hoping to have a sort of reunion in June 2012.
Sincerely, Steve Long SK