Friday, December 28, 2012

Hire a Veteran
Employment Opportunities

School Security
in the
United States of America

Soon thousands of these Heroes will be returning to the United States of America as our Nation draws down the number of Military Personnel stationed overseas.

I have a suggestion today.  With the current emphasis on providing appropriate security for our School Children here in the United States of America I would suggest that each school district hire one of these returning Heroes to provide security in each school complex.  It we do not have enough returning Heroes I would also suggest that Veterans could also be hired. 

These fine young men and women have the training and skills necessary to provide appropriate security for our Nations School Children.  Sure, it will cost money; but the expense of human life if we do not provide this security will also cost us all money in the short term and the loss of productive citizens in the future.

This would be a "Win - Win!!" solution for all concerned.  Our Heroes would be provided gainful employment and our School Children would be more safe.

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