Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Macon, Georgia
United States of America

I am confident that most everyone who resides in Middle Georgia has seen this scene.  Now before you read any more of this Blog Post you can certainly appreciate the fact that this post would be published.  Some would even say that they saw this one coming.

Just a few hours ago as I was conducting my errands I heard a "Radio Broadcast" where the announcer informed us all that a member of the City Council of Macon, Georgia has proposed that a pension be granted to those duly elected leaders who may have "served" in excess of ten years.  I believe the announcer said ten years.  What a self serving recommendation!!!!  You and I know that most individuals who actually work at full time jobs have to have far more years of service than ten years.  Note I stated "full time jobs!!"  Yet there are those on Macon's City Council who feel that it is appropriate to pay a pension to someone who has served a mere ten years in a part time job.  Yes, I am also aware that these esteemed Council People often receive E-Mails and even letters and phone calls from citizens of Macon.  Yes, I am also suggesting that these same duly elected leaders who sought re-election time after time knew the compensation they would receive for their "part time service!!!"

Now we have these same self serving esteemed elected leaders seeking additional funds to allow them to "retire" at the expense of the citizens of Macon, Georgia.  Sounds like a nice gig if you can get it. 

While I am not now a citizen of the City of Macon I am also aware that in the future after consolidation that I along with thousands of other citizens will be paying the funds to support this pension scheme.  I do not know if this is a well thought out scheme; but I am confident that for those who may qualify, if this scheme is enacted, they will continue to live their respective lives at the expense of all who reside in Bibb County.

Now to enlighten those who may know me, I do enjoy a retirement pension.  However I will also point out that I served 21 years active duty in the Navy to qualify.  This was not a part time position, and often called for long periods of separation from my family.  I knew what I was getting into when I enlisted.  I have no regrets of my choice.

For those who are seeking this Pension Scheme from the City of Macon for part time service may now be regretting their choice.  Why else would they be seeking a "Pension?"

Additionally, I also receive a "Pension" from my seventeen years of actual work at Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company right here in Macon, Georgia.  This was certainly no part time position.  I have fond memories of twelve hour days and often these twelve hour days were performed for thirteen days in a row.  I have yet to meet a duly elected Member of Macon's City Council that can claim that fact.

So, you may be concerned, just as I am.  Why would any body seek a "elected servant position" and then seek to be paid a pension.  Something just does not appear to correct and proper with this proposal.

Some may think that it is our time.  As I recall my studies of World History, Egypt, Greece, Rome and even Britain only saw about 200 years of power.  Maybe it is time for the United States of America to be part of this series.  After all we are 236 years old.  I realize that Macon, Georgia has not been around as a City as we know it; but I would submit that the "Council Chambers" displayed in the picture above can validate that we have been here for quite a period time.  So maybe we have already beat the odds!!!!


Alan said...

Just a suggestion that I have thought of since I published this post. Maybe "We The People" should hire consultants to run our governments. A consultant must figure his "pension fee" into his consultation fee. I have never heard of a consultant demanding/suggesting a pension fun.

What do our duly elected leaders think they are. It appears that they have forgotten the concept of Public Service.

Anonymous said...

That is a nice tie-in to the ancient councils held at Ocmulgee Old Fields. I don't have your level of confidence concerning the number of people that will recognize the diaz shown in your picture. As to the pensions I totally agree with you. There is a trend in this country, maybe the word attitude would better apply, that being a blood sucker on society is OK. I sincerely believe that that attitude has been fostered by an army of bureaucrats that have their own best interests at heart. Afterall, if you the bureaucrat, are working for someone who is only part-time but is getting the same benefits that you are getting won't that make it easier for you to ask your part-time bosses for a fatter pay package?

We are in a decline as a country. Unlike a lot of our so-called leaders I don't believe that we will emerge stronger and smarter from this crisis. We are being overrun by the un-washed and uneducated of third world countries who share none of our cultural beliefs foundations. Until our political leadership forget about the votes and remember that they are there to serve the country and that serving the country means to take control of our borders we will never recover. We are as the Romans were when the barbarians were at the gates. Unlike the Romans we have the capacity to do something about our situation but we don't seem to have the willpower. The Romans had the willpower but didn't have the capacity to stop the onslaught.