Friday, January 04, 2013

2012 Rain Fall
West Bibb County Georgia

Several days ago the local newspaper "The Telegraph" published an article concerning the annual rainfall in Macon, Georgia.  The official recorded rainfall was reported as 32.41 inches which was 13.14 inches below the normal rain in a year.

When 2012 started I launched a project where I would record the daily rain fall.  I did not have an official rain fall gauge because it was a plastic device that I installed at the end of the driveway near my home; however it was some distance from any trees or shrubs so I feel that it was quite accurate.  Here is a breakdown of the monthly amounts:

January 2.75 inches
February 2.95 inches
March 1.75 inches
April .80 inch
May 2.00 inches
June  5.20 inches
July 1.60 inches
August 5.65 inches
September 3.60 inches
October 1.30 inches
November 1.45 inches
December 6.15 inches

This amounts to 35.20 inches in West Bibb County where I live.  This is also quite close to Tucker Road where it crosses over I-475.

While Macon was 13.14 inches short for 2012 my lot was 10.35 inches short of rainfall in 2012

I am also aware that many areas of our State and even our United States has experienced shortages of rain fall in recent years.  I am also quite certain that this will cause an increase in our food supply and the prices we have to pay for food.  It will most certainly have an impact on the price of clothes because cotton requires rain to grow.

I have also heard that irrigation systems are pumping water out of the ground at a rate greater than the rain supply has recharged our ground water resources.  This is not a good situation.

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