Monday, January 07, 2013

 Weight Control for Humans
The start of each new year causes many to make a resolution about weight control.  I know that I need to shed a few pounds.  Therefore I typed the above caption into a Google Search.  Within 25 seconds I have 5,280,000 possible sites.

After giving the situation some serious thought I determined that I could develop my own scheme to loose some weight.

Every morning prior to consuming anything I will weigh
myself at the refrigerator door.  I will then record this weight.
Every evening prior to my going to bed, but after I
have discharged all of my body waste for the day I
will weigh myself again.  I will then compare this
weight with the one that I recorded in the morning.
If I weigh more I will know that I can not consume too
much food the next day unless I discharge more than I
take in.

It will be a challenge, however I feel that I can loose weight following this scheme.  After all on May 25, 1998 I laid down the last cigarette I smoked and have not taken up the habit since that date.

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