Thursday, January 30, 2014

Who Is In Charge?

Weatherby Drive at about 7:00 A.M. January 29, 2014

Weatherby Drive at about 7:00 A.M. January 29, 2014
looking toward Tucker Road in West Bibb County Georgia.
You will note the title of this Post!!!!!   The above pictures show how dangerous the roads were here in Middle Georgia.  We had heard that this Winter Ice and Snow strorm was coming for at least three days.  Yet I was amazed to watch my Television News Reports concerning our friends who live in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

I got the impression that no one up there took heed of the Winter Storm Warnings which were published as early as 4:00 A.M. 28 January 2014.  Children went to school on Tuesday and business and government reacted as if the storm was going to be below Atlanta.

So, again the question:  "Who Is In Charge?"  How about the administration of the several school districts that educate the Atlanta Area Children.  They must have been asleep and unaware of the impending ice/snow storm/s.  While a good portion of Georgia reacted correctly the leadership of the Atlanta Area School Systems must have determined that we will continue educating our Scholars at all cost.  Well, we now know what that cost is.  Children sleeping in buses and school floors.  Certainly does not reflect well on these well paid leaders who must have slept in on Tuesday.

Then, what about the Atlanta Business Organizations who determined that they could not shut down for a day? 

Or, one could even pause a brief moment and ask the question, "What about the parents who let their Scholars attend School on Tuesday?"  Not very responsible action/s on their part either. 

I would suggest that as a Society, the Atlanta Area lost their common sense on Tuesday Morning.  We must educate, We must attend to our jobs, We must govern as if nothing is going to happen.

Well, admittedly looking back is easy; however, had these well paid leaders been focused on their responsibilities versus what they thought was politically correct they could have avoided an abundance of grief.

I feel sorry for the victims of the Atlanta Lack of Leadership!!!!   The citizens of Atlanta certainly did not receive appropriate value for their tax funds which were expended by the irresponsible actions of a few.

When will they ever learn?  I did see the Mayor of Atlanta tell us last evening on Television that the snow of 2011 caused a four day problem and that the snow of 2014 was only a one day problem.  This may be true; however with an application of proper leadership it could have been a zero day problem. 

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