Monday, February 17, 2014

A Tale of a Dining Experience - Two Cities in Georgia

The picture displayed above is of this Post's Author.  This Person does exist and he resides in Middle Georgia, U. S. A.

You may be wondering about the title of this Post?  I have waited over a month to post this entry simply because I desired to be a bit more mellow in my comments.

On 4 January 2014 the Wonderful Children of My Mother-in-Law arranged a gala birthday celebration for their charming Mom.  Because of travel and lifestyle considerations the event was held at about Noon at Logan's in Warner Robins at 2701 Watson Blvd.  When we arrived the tables and chairs had been placed in the party room with appropriate placement of napkins, peanuts and flatward.  They were ready for our group.  The food was good and the service was very responsive to the needs of the patrons.

On 11 January 2014 the Members of a local club here in Macon had arranged for an End of the Year 2013 Awards Night at the Logan's at 3933 Arkwright Road in Macon.  We arrive about 45 minutes ahead of the requested time to learn that the party room had not been set up.  The place was not that busy and they quickly set it up for us.  Tables, chairs and peanuts as well as the required dining equipment.  No problem!!  We only needed half of the space and we were informed that another group would be seated in the party room.  No problem!!  We adjusted our program schedule to have our Awards presented prior to eating so as to not impact the others using the room.  No problem!!!  We then ordered our food and beverages.  No problem.  But the other group started arriving and we waited and waited, as well as waited some more.  When the food arrived we had to let the server/s know what we ordered so that we could eat what we had ordered.  No doubt the kitchen/wait staff had a lack of communication.  No problem.  We ate and enjoyed the food.  Then the Problem.  No one appeared to really know where our checks were or when they would be delivered to us!!!  A real problem.  We waited and we waited.  Finally the duty manager became involved.  After still more time expended, the checks were constructed based on what we stated we had ate.  Not a very nice experience.

The title of this Post is "A Tale of a Dining Experience," and now you will learn why. 

I really am concerned about the level of service we received in Macon, Georgia.  Why?  While the wait staff appeared to be friendly they had no clue as to what was required to provide customer service.  Maybe the kitchen staff was unable to function as one would expect at a casual dining facility.  It was evident to me that they were ill prepared for a group.  We did make arrangements in Macon beforehand, just as we had also done for the Warner Robins event. 

It this disconnect the result of the level of education required to function in either of these two cities?  Is this disconnect the result of poor hiring practices?  No matter the cause of this situation I would suggest that the management of the Logan's Organization check this situation out personally.  Their firm's reputation is a direct result of the level of service they provide at all of their establishments. 

During a recent meeting of our Club here in Macon we decided to conduct our Annual Awards Night at a much more responsive organization.  We will be doing a Pot Luck event.

Now to be fair to the management at the Logan's in Macon, they did provide each of us with a discount coupon for a future visit to their Store.

However to be fair, I also suspect that I will conduct my dining out events at another venue here in Macon.  As regards our Club, we have taken action to prevent another Awards Night from becoming a disaster.

So the question remains, how can there be such a difference of dining experiences in two cities in Middle Georgia that are only about 29 miles apart?  

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