Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Affordable Care? Tell Me The Truth!

Please Help Me Compute This.  The State of Oregon has expended over $160,000,000.00 to set up a program so that their Citizens can acquire Affordable Medical Care under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act that our Government established a few years ago and as of today, no one has been enrolled.  This is an interesting situation.  The back up plan has applicants completing a 20 page document which then takes hours to process.  So far about 35,000 Oregon Citizens have applied using the back up plan.

I am under the impression that the Oregon program entitled "Cover Oregon" is a waste of taxpayer monies.
A waste of money that Oregon acquired in part from the Federal Government.  A lot like the water running out of this pipe.  It is unfortunate that the Citizens of Oregon are being abused by this scheme.  However it is also my understanding that citizens in other states are often facing the same problems.  So today I ask this question:  "When will this madness end?"  Is there any hope for the Affordable Care Act?   Surely the Government can resolve this problem. 

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