Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas 2014
Yesterday I discussed all the events I have participated in as I prepared for Christmas 2014.  Well I overlooked two wonderful events.

12 December 2014:  My Bride and I attended the Rough Wood & Rusty Nails program at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Warner Robins.  It was a production of 13 scenes telling the complete Christmas Story through the eyes of Joseph.  I did not count the cast members but I am confident that there were over thirty participants.  Truly a wonderful evening.  

18 December 2014:  I attended the Third Thursday Organ Interlude at Saint Joseph Catholic Church here in Macon.  The program consisted of Christmas Music performed on the magnificent Pipe Organ with Nelda Chapman as the Organist.  Soprano Barbara Martinez also performed several Songs.  A wonderful noon time break.  Very refreshing to hear great Christmas Music and to also enjoy a delightful lunch in the Knights of Columbus Hall.

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Alan said...

What a wonderful Christmas! A tablet under the tree.