Sunday, January 11, 2015

But You Never Asked!

Today I use a picture of myself taken at the Treaty Oak in Jacksonville, Florida during a USS Ranger (CVA-61) Reunion.  I served in this great Aircraft Carrier from April 18, 1962 through 18 July 1964.

Even during my "Boot Camp" training which was prior to my service and duty on Ranger I was taught to respect and follow orders.  

So, why am I sharing this with you today, you may ask?  I recently heard a Public Radio Broadcast that the Ravens were never asked about any abuse of people which may have been conducted by a Football player on their team.  I learned that the Ravens knew about a recording of this alledged abuse as early as February 2014.  The radio broadcast when on to say that the Leadership of the Ravens were claiming that they were never asked so of course they did not have to report any incidents of possible abuse to the NFL.  

So I am suggesting that it all comes down to respect for authority and doing what is necessary to protect the reputation of the organization.  In this case I get the impression that the Ravens thought they could maintain their reputation by simply not talking about and/or reporting they had a recording of a possible abuse of person/s by one of their players.

Unfortunately that concept did not work.  Some how, some where the incident was leaked or made public by a person or persons unknown to me.  In any regard, we have all heard of this situation in the media in recent months.  

I understand that the situation has even reached the current occupants of our White House.  

What I am saying today is:
  • Does any person/s or organization need to be asked about improper activity?
  • Is it not everyone's responsibility to report great injustice/s to their fellow people kind once they are aware of such activity?
  • What has happened to the concept of "Respect For Our Fellow Peoplekind" among the citizens that dwell on this Earth, or to be specific our fellow citizens of the United States of America?
  • Why is it even considered appropriate at any level to attempt to cover up the shortcomings of individuals in our organization/team/religious fellowship/family when such activity is very harmful to fellow human beings?
In summary, we all know of the major efforts of many organizations that even work to achieve decent treatment of the animal species that dwell with us on Planet Earth.  

I submit that any member of the Human Race deserves more respect than any animal on this Planet.  But that may just be my misguided thinking.  Certainly something for each of us Humans to consider.

Thank You!!!

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Alan said...

In short the world would be a lot better place to live in if we all acted in a manner that would please our Grandmother. No exceptions!!!!