Monday, November 16, 2015

Today I post poses and views from the 1960s to the 2010s.  
The first two I am standing near an Arbor I constructed a few years ago in the East Garden.

 Here I pose with a Tulip Poplar Tree!
 Three of My Buddies while I was stationed at the Washington Navy Yard in the Mid 1960s.  The two on the left were on the Operation Deep Freeze Staff and remained in Washington to coordinate logistics for those deployed down under!!!  My Buddy and I on the far right were stationed at Navy Command Systems Support Activity, which was a Computer Software development Command to support the Navy Information Center for the Navy and also the Fleet Operational Centers for the Atlantic, Pacific and the European Fleets. 
 The next eight are poses by the Tulip Poplars in the Gardens at My Home in Macon-Bibb.  They were taken in 2013.

 Unfortunately I was not able to solve all of the problems our Federal Government faced, even back in the Mid 1960s.  But you can be sure that I did my very best.  I was a Second Class Petty Officer in the U. S. Navy.

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