Tuesday, November 03, 2015

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Recently My Bride and I have been engaged in the renovation of our Home.  Over the past two years we have acquired new appliances and also taken the time to read the manuals that came with the new Clothes Washer and the new Dishwasher.  Today I will share information on having all of the products organized for each appliance to that everything is quickly available.
After we acquired a new Clothes Washer I learned that one should use a washing machine cleaning product once a month.  I perform this task on the first of the month, which is the same day I change the Heating/Cooling Filters for our HVAC systems.  The product I use is produced by "Affresh.  I have also learned that it is wasteful to simply pour appropriate soap into the washer so I have learned to use the "Tide" PODS which require no measuring.  You simply drop a POD into the washing machine before you load the clothes.  I also use Tide BOOST or Tide BOOST Extra to help remove stains from the clothes and other household items that we wash.  These are also available in PODS so again there is no measuring required.  You may be wondering about the red container shown above.  I acquired these at my local Home Improvement Store.  They have a soft cover so I can place it with the products I use on the top of the Dryer so everything is very available.
The new Dryer we also recently acquired requires that you remove the lint from the lint trap after each load.  To do otherwise is a fire hazard and also makes the dryer run a longer cycle thereby consuming more electric power to effectively dry your clothes and other washed items. 

This is the box I also obtained to keep the products required for the Dishwasher and Disposer to run effectively.  The owners manual for the dishwasher also stated that using a cleaning product once a month will allow the machine to operate in the most effective manner.  I obtained "Affresh" for the dishwasher.  Additionally the manual indicated that I should use a spot eliminator for washing glass ware.  I use "Finish" which is available in a bottle in liquid form.  For the cleaning product the manufacture of the Dishwasher recommended using PODS versus using a liquid dishwasher product.  I acquired a large box of Finish PODS.  This eliminates the need to measure the soap and as I just indicated, is much more effective than liquid soap.  In view of the cost of new appliances I consider it an appropriate investment by using the recommended products.
We also acquired a new Disposer for our Sink.  Once I read the Manual I learned that by acquiring a "Glisten" product for disposers you can eliminate odors and also clean the disposal cavity as well as the drain line.

I share this Post so that all may be aware that there are options we can all employ to help our home appliances to serve us more effectively and efficiently.  Thank You.

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