Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Planning for the Future!

Planning Ahead!!
Many times in the past I have often had to look through stacks of papers and files to obtain information about the documents that are important to every homeowner.  Such things as copies of the deed, the warranty for air conditioning and heating equipment and every other item/s that are vital when maintaining a home.  I finally organized all of the purchase documents and warranty sheets as well as operation manuals in an expandable file with tabs and a complete index as to what each individual file contains.  The expandable file and the individual file folders are readily available in any office supply store.  I am confident that now I have a complete file system that will be available whenever I have a question about the many systems that our home has.  It will also be a valuable resource when we ever decide to downsize to another home.  I know what we paid for a specific system and when it was installed.

Thank You and I would suggest that you also construct a file system for your own home. 

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