Monday, July 18, 2011

Paducah, Kentucky

I recently had the opportunity to visit this charming River Town on the Ohio River while I was on Holiday.  I learned a lot about Paducah.

 First of all I learned that for the sum of $5.00, General William Clark purchased 37,000 acres of land as indicated on the above marker.

 I was impressed with the style of electric lights used in the Historic Old-Town Paducah area. 

 Paducah was also a railroad center.  Here is a steam engine which is part of a Railroad Museum.

 I was impressed with the quality of landscaping in the parking lots in the Paducah Historic Area.

 This flood wall painting celebrates the visits of the Delta Queen, the Mississippi Queen and the America Queen in the 1990s to the City of Paducah.

A Tug and barges on the Ohio River moving freight just beyond the Paducah Flood Wall.  In another era Paducah was the center of much commerce during the expansion of the United States.

My visit to Paducah was certainly interesting and I learned a lot.

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